Squeezing goodness out of nature

In a world where all things continuously become alike, we want to help our customers make a difference with the food they serve and the tables they set. With our products that squeeze the goodness of nature, blending the authentic flavors of Lebanon, we enable everyone, from chefs at restaurants to chefs at home to create meals that leave a mark on their guests’ palates and a smile on their family members’ faces.

Who are we?

Āsra Organic ® is owned by Globaling General Trading, a Kuwaiti company formed by individuals who have been successful in their professional careers but meantime because of their obsession with high quality nutrition, they started up Āsra Organic ® as an entrepreneurial effort.

Our Mission

At Āsra Organic ®, we want to add taste to everyday life.
By combining age old tradition and craftsmanship with modern day thinking, Āsra Organic ® wants to become the favorite of chefs, food lovers, retailers and food manufacturers everywhere.

How are we pursuing it?

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of gastronomy, taste and ingredients to make sure that our olive oil and condiments are the finest in the world.